Class: Beatmap


Beatmap class


new Beatmap()

Name Type Description
approved ApprovalStatus Approval status [alias: rankedStatus]
submitDate Date Date it was first submitted
approvedDate Date Date it was approved
lastUpdate Date The date the map was last updated
artist String The song artist
id Number Beatmap id [alias: beatmapId]
setId Number Beatmap set id [alias: beatmapSetId]
bpm Number Song BPM
creator String The beatmap creator [alias: mapper]
creatorId Number The user id of the beatmap creator [alias: mapperId]
difficultyRating Number The difficulty rating [alias: stars]
diffSize Number Difficulty size (aka CS) [alias: circleSize, CS]
diffOverall Number Difficulty overall (aka OD) [alias: overallDifficulty, OD]
diffApproach Number Difficulty approach (aka AR) [alias: approachRate, AR]
diffDrain Number Difficulty drain (aka HP) [alias: hpDrain, HP]
countNormal Number Amount of normal notes (hitcircles).
countSlider Number Amount of slider notes.
countSpinner Number Amount of spinners.
hitLength Number Drain length
source String | null The source data
genre Genre Genre metadata
language Language Language metadata
title String Title
totalLength Number Total length of song
version String Version (aka diffname) [alias: difficultyName]
fileMd5 String The MD5 of the file
mode Mode The gamemode
tags Array.<String> Tags
favouriteCount Number Number of favorites on the map [alias: favoriteCount]
rating Number User rating (1-10) [alias: userRating]
downloadUnavailable Boolean If beatmap is not downloadable [reverse alias: downloadAvailable]
audioUnavailable Boolean If beatmap is downloadable but has no audio [reverse alias: audioAvailable]
playcount Number Number of playcounts
passcount Number Number of passcount
maxCombo Number Number of map max combo
diffAim Number Aim difficulty rated by ppv2
diffSpeed Number Speed difficulty rated by ppv2
packs Array.<String> Beatmap packs including this beatmap
video Boolean True if this beatmap contains a video
storyboard Boolean True if this beatmap contains a storyboard